Dynamics 365 – Appointment cancellation tracking from CRM to Outlook

The default behavior

  • You have an appointment that was tracked between Dynamics 365 and Outlook.
  • If you go into Dynamics 365 and Cancel that appointment, the expected behavior in Outlook should be:
    • There would be no cancellation email for that appointment.
    • Additionally, the appointment status won’t be changed to Canceled in Outlook.
Cancelled in CRM
Not cancelled in Outlook

How to change this?

A new setting for this was introduced on 15th June 2020, allowing appointment cancellations tracking.

However, it took about nearly a month for OrgDbOrgSettings to be updated with this setting on 7th July 2020.

Here’s how to enable it:

  1. Follow the guide on OrgDbOrgSettings on how to install the solution.
  2. After that, double click the OrgDbOrgSettings and search for “SSSPropagateAppointmentCancellationsToExchange

3. Double click on it and set it to true and Update.

Here’s the result:

Cancellation email received.
Yep, cancelled in calendar.

My observations.

  1. Appointment without recipients will not have cancellation.
  2. Appointment with recipients will have the following behavior:
    • For the organizer: The appointment will be removed from the calendar – No canceled email will be received.
    • For the attendees: Appointment will show Cancelled in calendar – A canceled email will be received.
  3. Cancellations are only sent for appointments that haven’t happened yet.
  4. Because this tracking is using Server-Side Synchronization, so would generally take about 12 minutes for an cancellations to sent/received.

Anything you can find regarding this, do let me know in the comments below.

Published by Adrian Nguyen

I'm currently working as a MS Dynamics 365 Support Engineer and this is also my first job post-graduating. I love helping people and always striving to be the second-best at any work I do.

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