My first blog and how to break PowerApps Portal.

I have always been an introvert and writing online blogs is not something that I think I will do.

This thought changed after I had the pleasure to be able to support Microsoft MVP Olena with her request on how to summon the Custom Error Page in PowerApps Portal.

PowerApps Portal allows user for showing a Custom Error whenever it encounters an error. However, all the articles and documentation doesn’t show how to create an error in the Portal so users can test their Custom Error.

The problem is, as a support engineer, I only learn about “fixing” not “breaking” the product. Took an interest on this, I spent quite sometime in the two weekend days to learn how to “break” the portal.

Finally, thanks to all the people who got their portal broken in the past on Dynamics 365 community, I was able to find a very simple way to break the portal:

  • By putting any HTML tag (for example <p>) in a portal entity form. An error page will be shown upon submitting the form.
  • This is caused by a Site Setting named “DisableValidationWebTemplate” that is by default set to “false“.
  • Setting this to “true” allows user to enter XML or HTML into Portal fields.
  • Here’s where you can learn about this Site Setting.

I was very happy to find this and was so looking forward to providing Olena with this information on Monday. Surprisingly, she had already found out another way for breaking the portal and we had an awesome session of sharing what we had learned in our weekend breaking the PowerApps portal.

I learned about the MVP program and was greatly inspired, encouraged for creating my own blogs for sharing the knowledge. Even though I had only working in the Dynamics 365 field for only 1 year, I believe my hundreds of encounter with issues coming daily will help me a lot in writing this blog.

Once again, thank you Olena and I’m looking forward to helping more people with my blogs!

Published by Adrian Nguyen

I'm currently working as a MS Dynamics 365 Support Engineer and this is also my first job post-graduating. I love helping people and always striving to be the second-best at any work I do.

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